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Living Our Best Wellbeing

Our Vision

ALOHA, MANA`OLANA, & HO`OLA - Wellbeing embraced by Individuals, Family/Ohana, and community, living a joyful and embraced life.

• Aloha i ke kahi, i ke kahi / Let us love one another.


For alo means “in the presence of our creator” and ha means “the breath of life.” For aloha heals us, aloha lifts us up, and aloha will carry us into the future. Aloha kekahi I kekahi – Let us love one another. by Auntie Pilahi Paki, per Pono Shim, beloved and remembered. 

Our Mission

Aloha, Passing Life Forward through the life-thrusting effort of Suicide Pre-Postvention possibilities and opportunities through transition, hope, healing, and our Best Wellbeing!

  • Aloha Mai No, Aloha Aku, O Ka`a Huhu Ka`a Mea, E Ola Ole Ai

  • When Love Is Given, Love Naturally Flows Back in Return

by Tutu Kawena Pukui, Olelo No`eau



Explore the understanding and meaning of lived experiences. A strength-based approach to self-identity, the expert of you. Grounded in Olelo No`eau and Hawaiian values, taking a pause, stop, or step-back approach to connect with Aloha, listen to Mo`olelo, and being present in the moment, life's strength-based reach in within for answers to concerns and curiosity. With support from each other, experts in the field, systems, partner organizations, and those who support the cause, focusing on Healthy Activities, Family Support, and Spirituality. Foundation is based on culture, values, traditions, and practice. How you show up speaks to who you are.


Aloha present in life's moment, non-judgment, grace, gentle, empty, humility with modesty, patience in perseverance. Alo, presence in, breath, Hā breath of life, source, in the moment, grounding.

`Ike Pono - to know, feel, understand

Lōkahi (make balance)

Harmony, pule, and unity guide tasks. Lōkahi brings together the laulima (working relationship), alu like (working in harmony), kule`ana (responsibility), kupono, and hana kupono (working for a correct cause). These concepts are especially applicable to physical tasks or interactions of man and nature or man and man. However, in combination with Ke Akua and Mana, Lokahi takes on an infinite meaning as Hawaiians consider their relationship with the wider universe. Lokahi is nature's way of seeking total balance between all elements. Hawaiians relate to this concept by being a part of that peace and harmony within this system rather than in control. Therefore, Lōkahi is the balance and unity of all parts of the wider universe.

From Kupuna Wisdom, by "Aunty Betty" Kawohiokalani Ellis-Jenkins

Pono in a state of alignment/Loss state of disruption, change

Hope/Mana`olana & Spirituality/Pili`uhane - Re-emphasize Aloha and connection to SELF

Aloha - For alo means “in the presence of our creator” and hā "the breath of life." For Aloha heals us, aloha lifts


  • E lawe I ke a`o a mālama, a e `oi mau ka na`auao.

  • He who takes his teachings and applies increases his knowledge. 


Pua Kaninau-Santos, MSW - President, CEO, & Board Chair.  Nineteen years in the field of suicide pre-postvention. and suicide loss survivor(SLS). ASIST trainer, safeTALK Provisional Trainer, Aloha, Mo`olelo & Suicide Prevention Basics facilitator, and Transition, Healing by Art`ing facilitator.

Mikilani Sorman - Community Liaison and SLS, and a volunteer in suicide pre-postvention , fifteen years. 

Kaila Toetu`u - Vice President, Director, volunteer in the field of suicide pre-postvention for the eighteen years, and completed the ASIST 2 day workshop, Nov. 2021. Presently Hawai`i licensed Esthetician entrepreneur. and February 24-25, 2022. safeTALK Provisional Trainer.

Logan Tynanes - Treasurer, Director, and volunteer in the field of suicide pre-postvention for the eighteen years. Currently entrepreneur of Coco Shades w/husband Lowen Tynanes and in retail sales, manager of Coco Trading Post, in Kailua.

Kuuipo Lorenzo- Director and volunteer in suicide pre-postvention for eighteen years. Presently works full-time in the tourist industry at the Breakers Hotel and in food service at Highway Inn, Kaka`ako.

Vernon W. Santos - Sergeant-At-Arms, Director, and Volunteer for the past 15 years in the field of suicide prevention. Retired HPD Detective, and former Special Agent Investigator Hawai`i Attorney General's Office.

Ke`ola Picerno - Community Representative, Kaua`i, safeTALK Provisional Trainer, and suicide loss survivor (SLS). Former experience in sales and marketing. Resides on Kaua`i.

CONTACT: or (808) 271-8582


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