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ALOHA, Passing Life Forward

Hope, Help, & Healing

Supporting the Efforts of Suicide Postvention & Prevention 

Public Awareness

•Bringing the issue of suicide into focus and magnifying choices that cause change and outcome. Action oriented to action steps, provide the opportunity and possibilities making a difference for individuals, Ohana, workplace staff, others, and the community's wellbeing. Contact Angel on my Shoulder for more information.

Aloha, Mo`olelo, and Suicide Prevention Basics - the basics of learning about the issue of suicide, risk and strength factors, pre-postvention strategies, action plan, to Aloha and Passing Life. Grounded in Hawaiian values

Education & Training


Robust growth of mind, heart, and spirit, aligning with the opportunities that cause change, affect behavior, and increase wellbeing. Uncle Ishmael Stagner, educator and valued contributor to suicide pre-postvention, left PINK; Puuwai (heart), Ike (mind/knowledge), Na`au (gut), and Kino (body). He taught how to engage with others through the process of PINK, a natural way of engaging, checking in, unassuming, honoring, culturally mindful exchanges with others, strength-based approach. Emphasize education and training in the field of suicide pre-postvention. Partner and collaborate by facilitating ASIST, safeTALK, Aloha, Mo`olelo, and SP Basics, Transition, Healing by Art`ing (six-week group series and monthly support group).

ASIST Training Workshops 2022 held on February 24-25, 2022. Seven participants completed the 2-day Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training and walked away with a suicide first-aid skillset, knowledge, networking abilities, resources, confidence, and the ability to ask an individual, "Do you have thoughts of suicide?" The participant can listen to the mo`olelo (story/lived experiences) and make a referral for Kokua or help the individual choose LIFE. The training is the first community ASIST training held on Oahu in 2022 (not including the military). Three more ASIST training is planned between June and November 2022.

safeTALK Train-for-Trainer 2022 is a 2-days workshop, held March 17-18, with seven community participants completing the workshop and presently safeTALK Provisional Trainers. Trainers deliver three community (give-back) workshops with a minimum of one workshop with family leadership and members and two workshops for vulnerable individuals and families. After completing three safeTALK workshops, trainers’ status, active safeTALK trainers. Provisional trainers include three Kaua`i safeTALK provisional trainers; G. Kaulukukui, L. Taber, K. Picerno, and four O`ahu trainers: S. Atta, M. Chinen, K. Toetu`u, and P. Kaninau-Santos. All inquiries – Pua, or (808) 271-8582.

safeTALK Community Workshops 2022 is a 3.5-hour suicide preparedness workshop for anyone 15 years and older to become a suicide alertness helper, where learning is preventing suicide by recognizing invitations, engaging and connecting that individual to life-saving intervention resources, as in a caregiver, trained in ASIST that can complete the process for support. safeTALK community training, with a minimum of six workshops projected between June and November 2022.

•ALOHA, MO`OLELO, & Suicide Prevention Basics (1 to 1.5 hrs.)

Awareness presentations: a foundational value-based and cultural program focused on increasing community awareness focused on suicide pre-postvention and activities with individuals and families, helping selves and loved ones and others to choose LIFE, through Aloha, Passing Life Forward, and Hope, in taking action.



LAMA IN HEALING PROGRAM - loss & grief in the aftermath.

  • LAMA IN HEALING 6-Week Series, Cost: $189 p/p.

  • LAMA IN HEALING Support Group, Monthly Meetings Cost: $0. No fee charge

  • 6-Week Series: February 8-March 15, 2023

Exploring the meaning of changes through grief and loss; death, divorce or breakup, unemployment/job separation, relocation, job promotion, graduation, financial struggles, move out, and other life transitions. For some, the experience is traumatically life-altering. Grounded in Olelo No`eau (expressive wisdom in sayings) and Hawaiian values, through art`ing (creative rendering), and processing. Mo`olelo/stories of lived experiences, embracing values, culture, practice, traditions, and legacy. Increase sense of self-identity (self-confidence), place, and resolve (coping strategies). 

  • Monthly Support Group Meetings: Wed., Feb. 15, 530-7 PM. 

  • 3rd Wednesday monthly, with w/exceptions per Wed., March 15,   September Wed. to Saturday event, date TBD/per the Out of the Darkness Walk, Nov. Wed. to Saturday, November 18, 2023, the ISOSL event, and Dec. weekday, date TBD, per the Evaluation & Holiday Pa`ina.


A new day begins each day with the

the hope of starting differently, pause,

and transition...


Taking the time to mo`olelo; share

stories, remembrances expressed,

connect, build relationships,



Finding that path to live beyond the pain

and despair, in the bittersweet of Aloha,

passing life forward. Transformation.



3rd. Wednesday


530 PM - 7 PM

Loss of a loved one

Annual, monthly meeting

Face-to-Face (w/some exceptions)

Limited capacity

Interested in the group, contact Pua

Must register to participate in monthly meetings.

Networking & Resources

Members engage in ongoing suicide prevention public awareness, education, and training, and postvention (hope, help, and healing activities) with network partners, collaborators, and those who support the cause, embracing Aloha, Passing Life forward.

Planned activities and programs provide the opportunity to connect and build relationships while providing a much-needed service to Ohana, individuals, and the wider community of others who support the cause. Together with our colleagues; Prevent Suicide Hawai`i Task force members and entities, we are able to provide diverse resources. 

Angel On My Shoulder HI Foundation meeting

Prevent Suicide Hawai`i Task Force Statewide monthly meeting, 3rd Thursday, 2pm - 4pm, via zoom: or

AFSP HI Chapter monthly meetings:

Community Resource document of referral contacts, updated by Dr. Jeanelle Sugimoto-Matsuda, regularly.

Department of Health list serve with updated resource announcements:

Contact: Angel OMS HIF, Pua Kaninau-Santos, (808) 271-8582,


In Partnership with

Come, join us for the opportunities that change toss our way, when open to the possibilities of JOY! 

Connecting partners with Aloha, Passing Life Forward is vital to the wellness of each and every individual and families.. 


Aloha, Mo`olelo, SP Basics


Trainer Hui

ASIST, safeTALK, Aloha-Mo`olelo-SP Basics,

 Transition, Healing by Acting


ALOHA Knowledge of and Access to 



Connect, Build Relationships, & Pass life forward.

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